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  1. We Survey

    It all begins with our team listening to your aspirations for the project.

    We will assess existing conditions, identify risks and provide a detailed proposal outlining a scope and the estimated cost. You will get a proposal that will help you better understand the required commitments to provide a solid foundation for your project.

  2. We Design

    Our design approach balances creativity and clarity for a well-defined scope of work and schedule.

    After taking the time to learn what you love and by working closely with our design team, we’ll help you identify your aesthetic preferences and desired levels of finish. We can make product/material recommendations and show you elevation or millwork drawings that will help you see what’s possible for your home.

    Through the use of technical drawings, we provide you with scenarios depicting physical layouts and associated structural/mechanical requirements. This gives you a more comprehensive picture of the scope of work required.

  3. We Plan

    Disciplined planning secures all required approvals and permits, lines up the resources and establishes the Fixed Price, Fixed Schedule.

    By conducting interior design work in parallel with municipal permitting, the potential impact of delays is minimized. Preparation and review of final project documents follow the completion of interior design.

    As project scope, specifications, costs and scheduling information evolve over the course of the planning process, we provide you with full transparency by allowing you access to these documents at any time. Final documents – which define the fixed price and schedule commitments – are reviewed and approved.

    We know these types of projects can be disruptive so – to help you navigate the process – we’ll provide you with a full briefing on construction logistics including work hours, temporary living requirements, neighbour notifications, movement of belongings, bin locations, temporary washroom locations, site safety and security, site access, handling of pets, etc.

    What does all of this mean for you? No surprises.

  4. We Construct

    With an experienced project manager at the helm, and with a focus on quality and efficiency, our team and trade partners execute the plan.

    Construction is guided by four key elements:

    1. Detailed drawings and scope of work;
    2. High construction standards;
    3. Critical path schedule for all labour, trades and materials;
    4. Effective project management.

    Your Building and Interior Design Leads attend key milestones and remain available at all times. Our proven project management tools incorporating critical path scheduling and effective problem solving ensure commitments are met.

    Feel free to join us onsite, if you wish. Alternately, you can track your build or renovation project through weekly reports and photos posted to our project management platform.

    What does all of this mean for us? No excuses.

  5. We Complete

    All our renovations come with full warranty.

    Our documented materials and building practice standards ensure that everything is done correctly the first time. At Creative Spaces, completion means we all agree that the work is finished. No exceptions.